The Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is a consortium of best in class Cyber Security specialists. COA was founded by former intelligence community executives, high-ranking and decorated military officers, senior law enforcement directors and the world’s best subject matter experts on Darknet operations. Combined into the Alliance, the best of breed in Open Source Intelligence Analysis, Darknet capabilities, and unmatched situational awareness of personnel and assets. Each company brings unique capabilities and operates as a COA team with a clear coordinated focus. The COA is in a unique position to bridge the gap between Fortune1000 companies, Security Operation Centers (SOC’s) and personal; physical security and cyber security needs.


  • Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is a consortium of world class technologies bought together to offer a one of a kind approach to security. Whether that's securing a single person or multi-national corporation or event, our unique approach allows us to be on the proactive side of security instead of the reactive often too late, side of security. Today Cyber Ops Alliance (COA) is made up of a group of partners that on their own are world class. Bring them together and you have something never done before and unique outside the three letter agencies of the world's governments.
  • Advantage Factory (Fusion Core and TMIS) Advantage Factory Fusion Core and TIMS systems have been implemented in Fusion Centers around the world and used by Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies. These Fusion Centers are information sharing centers for Law Enforcement. Advantage Factory Fusion Core and TIMS are the core systems that allows this sharing of information.
  • Surface Net Social Media Monitoring/Data Gathering/Analytics Developing actionable insight requires more than merely understanding what is being said. Context is required to understand when any given statement or action merits a response. Other systems focus on those who have used a keyword; thus, they equate simple metrics, such as the number of followers, shares, likes, and/or impressions, to influence. We believe that true influence measurement requires more—it requires a deep understanding of both the author and the audience.
  • Dark Net Monitoring/Data Gathering/Analytics Globally-based multi-portal data acquisition network is the largest private sector collection agency of cyber threat intelligence in the world. The company engages in data collection utilizing traditional trade craft, sensor data acquisition and unique proprietary collection tools. The company produces sophisticated and timely threat analysis, from advanced analytics and review of its data base, providing clients timely and accurate threat analysis and a recommended response. The nature of the threats are varied and may include: cybercriminal planning; tool development and execution; commercial and private information brokerage, weapons, ammunition and explosives distribution; money laundering and extremist activities.
  • Situational Awareness A single platform for your Internet of Everything. Make the connections that matter to you, monitor the assets you care about, and give yourself 360° Awareness across the globe.


Security Through Situational Awareness/Surface Net/Dark Net Monitoring

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